How To Solve Two Step Verification In Whatsapp Forgot Password(Pin) Without Email

Today I will show you how to reset your two step verification passcode if you forget it. So before going to the tutorial, first of all what is this 2-step verification?. In normally when you are setting up a whatsapp account on your phone, you will enter your phone number then you will receive your code through SMS, but imagine your whatsapp into their smart phone. Because it ask for 6 digit passcode, So this is 2-step verification in whatsapp. But if you mistakenly forgot this passcode then how to reset that code in your android mobile, so let's go to our tutorial... But this method only works after your email id is successfully linked with this 2-step verification process, but my suggestion is just uninstall your existing whatsapp messenger, but before going to do this process first of all backup your all chats and medias, and then click to uninstall it.


After the uninstallation is completed, don't forget to restart your android mobile once the rebooting is finished, now once again I try to install the same whatsapp messenger via my Google Play Store, so just click to install it. Once the installation is completed, just click to open that application. Here it shows terms and conditions, so just click to "Agree" and then click to continue, but it ask for permission so you can click to allow this application. Here you can enter your mobile number for registration process and then click to "Next". Once again you can confirm your mobile number and then click to "Ok". Now you can wait for sometime, because the whatsapp team sent a verification message to your mobile number. In some cases the verification message is not received, at that time you can use "Call me" option and it also ask for my two step verification passcode, but here i doesn't remember my passcode, so how to reset that code?. In this section it has the one option called "Forgot pin", so just select it and then it shows one popup window, so you can read carefully and then click to "Send email" option.


Finally the passcode reset link is sent to my registered email id, so I try to check it, by simply access my gmail account and this is that reset link, so I try access that URL and then it ask for confirmation message,so you can click to "Confirm". Finally here you can see it shows "Two step verification has been removed from your whatsapp account", once your two step verification is disabled now you can set up your whatsapp messenger and then it shows "Backup found", so i try to restore it. So this is the way you can easily reset your two-step verification passcode by watching my tutorial.

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