Fix Error While Retrieving Information From Server DF

Today I try to install the one application via my Google Play Store, error notification and the message is but unfortunately it shows the one "Error while retrieving information from server" and in following it also shows one error code. So how to fix this kind of problems in your Google Play Store?. But before going to the tutorial, first of all why this type of error is occurring?. My suggestion is may be the Google Play Store server has some problems, so don't worry about it, but there is possible to fix it on user side.So how to do it?... so let's get started...First of all update your existing Google Play Store to latest version and this new Apk file is always available on Google. So next one is open your android mobile settings, here you can go to "Application management" or apps section, but in my device it is named as "Installed apps", so I try to locate it and then click to open it.


Now it shows my entire installed application details, so here you can locate that Google Play Store application and then click to open it. Now it shows some settings menu, but you can go to "Restrict data usage", so here you can click to disable all the options and then click to save all the changes, because sometime this setting will restrict your play store apps downloading.. so you can disable it and also you can go to "App Permission", so here you can check if all the settings are enabled or not, if not enabled you can click to enable it and then go back to one step. Finally you can click to clear all the data's from this Google Play Store by simply press "Clear data" option and it is placed at the bottom and then select " and then click to "ok".


"Clear all dataso once you done this process just close all the settings and don't forget to restart your android mobile. After the restarting is completed, now once again I try to install the same application via my Google Play Store. Finally here you can see now the same application is starts to downloading and this error notification is also gone.

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