What are the limited households searching on the Internet?

In the case of the Corona virus-triggered Internet increase, the most widely used search engine on the Internet is periodically shared by Google to share data about its users' search practices.

The data released March 2020 is significant because it estimates how the corona virus has affected the lives of citizens in most countries around the world.

While those who wanted to keep fit showed interest in home-based fitness practices, they also became interested in live sessions with celebrities in the field.

Because of the epidemic affecting human health, health resources should be the most prominent in different parts of the world.

Most searched keywords globally are Code 19, Corona Virus Tips, Henta Virus, Corona Virus UK and Corona Virus Updates. Among the most searched topics are Crowd, Electronics Manufacturer, Cubot, Hand Sanitizer, Quarantine and Corona.

Pakistani Internet users searched for Corona Virus, WorldMeter, Quarantine, Google Classroom, Virus, Lahore Qalandars and Adan in the overall topics for the month of March.

Pakistani users searched the most for Marvi Sarmad, Nowruz, Henta virus, Corona cases in Pakistan, Quarantine in Urdu, PSL 2020 points table in Keyword Search.

Pakistanis search Google Health Engine for topics like hand sanitizer, quarantine, quarantine, a 2008 movie about paternity drama, zoom video call application, corona virus in health and entertainment categories.

According to Google, after the Corona virus, search behavior during March is still on in early April and users appear to want to know about the disease, lockdown and related issues.

A few days ago, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, an internet traffic regulatory body in Pakistan, reported a 15 percent increase in Internet usage in the country, while the Internet Providers Association of Pakistan acknowledged an increase of 30 percent.

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