covid-19 vaccine on hackers target

Since the beginning of this global pandemic, attacks orchestrated by hackers have taken on a different dimension. Russia is accused of hacking a UK research center to steal information about the coronavirus vaccine. Recurring cases show how this situation benefits others. Recently, it has been the anti-covid vaccine cold chain that has been the target of hackers.

A fraudulent message to some officials

The IBM group recently reported that several cybercriminals attacks were carried out. If the anti-Covid vaccine has already been given the green light to commercialization in several countries, then precautions are needed for the vaccine to be effective, especially with regards to logistics: vaccines must be stored at a temperature of -70 ° C to be efficient to stay. Many companies and stakeholders are therefore offering to participate in the cold chain for the transport of these vaccines.


However, many have received a fraudulent email from a director of the Chinese company Haier BioMedical. This company also works closely with several international organizations such as WHO and UNICEF in the care of vaccines. The email claims that such a company wants to place vaccine orders and that other information is listed on page 22. j. These attachments contain malware, which could be a Trojan horse or other program that can filter out sensitive data and even track the chain to steal samples.

The aim is, in particular, the General Directorate Taxes and Customs, a service of the European Commission, several logistics, energy, and IT companies based in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, South Korea, and Taiwan.


The perpetrators are not lacking

It is claimed that the identity of the hackers is not yet known as these attacks have been carefully orchestrated. However, to have access to basic information such as the companies that intervene in the chain or the addresses of the responsible persons, one must have a lot of resources. Currently, IBM has admitted that there is no further information on these hackers. She still wonders how such attacks could have been successful. CISA affirms that the intervening companies should not take this information lightly from the American group. She calls on everyone involved to strengthen the security system and calls for those responsible to be vigilant.


Last month Microsoft announced that many cybercriminal attacks had been documented. The US group did not say the consequences or severity of the attacks, but rather the attacks against drug companies and other companies working on the vaccine. The destinations are in France, India, South Korea, and the United States. The hackers are a group of state-sponsored Chinese hackers. A direct link between these two waves of attacks has been found, although no official report has yet been released.

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