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One of the things we love the most about using Android smartphones or tablets is the fact that we can download tons of apps. The launch of Google Play gives us instant access to a wide variety of applications. While some apps cost pennies or dollars, the majority are free. We can try new apps every day! But is the experience with apps always smooth? Unfortunately no. Some of your favorite applications call it a day. Every Android user has faced this problem at least once. The issue might appear on different Android mobiles including (LG G3, G4), Samsung S6, and S6 Edge, Google Nexus 5, Nexus 6, HTC 7, HTC 8, HTC 9, and many more. Now, if this scares you and the applications on your Android smartphone or tablet freeze and fail, try the techniques below.

Why do applications fail or crash?

There are many explanations for why smartphones appear to crash or freeze. The app may stop responding or crash if it's out of date. Many apps work much better when you have a strong internet connection. Another reason is the fact that the application is badly coded. If you do not have enough free space on your Android device, the apps will not work properly. It is very important to clear the app cache and data from time to time, especially for apps that you use frequently. If you haven't done it for a while, the app is behaving badly. A software bug can also cause the problem.

Restart your Android device

The 1st technique to do is to reboot your phone. Processes that may open with apps running in the background will close after restarting your device. This way, you free up possibly clogged memory. Your device works more easily. If you find that apps keep crashing or freezing after restarting, move on to other solutions.

Keep your thumb and hold the power button to reboot the android. When the menu appears, tap Restart or Shut down and restart.

Update your apps

App developers do their best to give users a great experience, which is why they are constantly working on improvements. If you wrap your head around something, including hanging and slowing, the application developers will fix it with an update. For this reason, it's important to regularly update all of your apps, or at least the apps you use every day.

Open the Google Play app

Tap 3 horizontal bold lines to open the main menu

Then tap on My apps & games

You can tap Update All or browse the apps and update only the ones you want.

Internet connection

A poor and slow internet connection can cause an app to hang or hang. This is generally the case with poorly coded applications. Some apps work great when the internet connection is stable and strong, for example. B. If you are connected to a WLAN network at home or in the office. Nonetheless, when you switch from LTE 5G to wifi internet while using that application, the app may freeze or crash. If you want to change the network, first close the app. This way you avoid crashes. If you're currently having WiFi issues and your connection is slow, try the following:

Switch between Wi-Fi and airplane mode

Turn off Bluetooth

Restart your Android device and your router

Connect to another network.


Clear cache and data

We all have our favorite apps and use them every day. Over time, the cache will build up and you may find that the app runs slowly, freezes, or crashes frequently. This often happens when we use some of the most popular apps like Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Spotify, Maps, Messanger, WhatsApp, etc. Once you clear the cache, the app will work normally.

Here's what you need to do:

Go to settings

Tap Applications (Application manager, Manage applications, depending on your Android device).

Searching for applications that keep slowing or freezing and tap on it

Then tap on Clear cache

Tap Force stop

Go back to the main screen and reboot the application.

By clearing the cache, many users were able to resolve issues such as "Instagram has stopped" or "Viber has stopped working".

What if clearing the cache didn't fix the problem and one of your favorite apps is still crashing? You can delete the data.


Reinstall the app

Sometimes reinstalling the app can fix the problem. Everything is very simple. First of all, you need to remove the app by following the steps given in the previous solutions. Then open Google Play, find the app download, and reinstall it.

Update software

If there is a software problem, you can fix it by installing the latest version of the software. A new version improves the overall performance of your device and its security and also offers bug fixes. If you have not activated automatic updates on your device, you can see whether there is a manual update:

Go to Settings

Scroll down and tap system information.

Tap Software Update or Android Update.


Return to the factory settings

If nothing seems to be working, your device may need a fresh start urgently. Performing a factory reset will erase all files, settings, etc. Don't forget to back up your files!

Go to Settings

Tap Backup & reset

Then tap on Factory data reset

Tap Reset Phone or Reset Tablet.

How do I keep apps from crashing?

There are several things you can do to avoid this problem and keep apps from crashing and freezing. Remember, you can't do the same thing if an app is poorly coded. If you've tried all of the solutions listed here and nothing seems to work, remove this app. There is plenty of fun and useful apps on Google Play so you can probably find an app similar to it. To prevent apps from crashing:

Don't use so many applications concurrently,

Just be sure that all the applications are up to date,

Clear the app cache and data (at least for apps that you use frequently).

 These problems/solutions can be found and are effective on all Android smartphones and tablets. Just follow the steps listed here and you will fix the problem with ease!


List of the most popular apps that crash frequently.

Pokémon GO

Bitmoji Keyboard - your emoji avatar

Poke Radar for Pokemon GO


delivery boy

social network

Dots & Co.


Google Maps



iTunes U.

Talking Tom Gold Run


Pandora - Free Music and Radio

Spotify music


WhatsApp Messenger

Gmail - email from Google



Amazon app

Rolling sky

Kingdom of the Card Wars

Egg, Inc. - your video community

Google app

Dictator: emergence

Waze -

100 balls

Color switch


Skype for iPhone

social network

Instagram layout


To give up!


social network

My newborn kitten - Fluffy Care



CSR Racing 2

Super saga from Farm Heroes

Chrome - Google's web browser

Subway surfers



Wish - shopping while having fun

My talking Tom


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