Artificial love can be programmed

The AI ​​will soon be able to love Sophia unconditionally. As a love coach, he will make an important contribution to happiness and peace in the world, believe its developers. Is it really possible and is it worth the effort? - we ask the philosopher Waqar Aslam.


Artificial intelligence love Sophia surprisingly looks like hot model Emma Watson and even masters her smile. With her camera eyes, she can interpret anger, joy, sadness, and other important feelings and even express them through facial expressions on her own. It also guides meditations. However, if her developers are successful, she will soon be able to do much more: Sophia should learn and teach unconditional love and become a perfectly programmed cross between a virtual super mother and a digital therapist.

“I think the performance is weird and scary,” says FSD philosopher Waqar Aslam. “But I don't consider them absurd. I feel it can be possible ”.


Is Sophia Comparable To A Digital Se-x Worker?

But Sophia is not yet conscious - she does not know anything about her own existence. So Waqar compares her to a digital se-x worker who is programmed to adopt a loving attitude, "like a prostitute who is paid to pretend certain feelings to me and who can be very good at it."


If Sophia soon imitated love perfectly, does the artificiality of this love even matter? “Maybe for some people the illusion of being loved is enough, it wouldn't be enough for me. I want there to be someone who consciously takes the risk of saying I love you. And you dare to jump into the deep end together ”.


"What we like, we consider it very precious"

For love, Waqar is sure, his own will is at least as important as great feelings: we consider what we love to be very precious. And consciously defend the well-being of the other independently of our own.


But what if Sophia is really aware of herself in the future, is there still a difference between her love and that of a real person? Is it possible to love without a body? Is unconditional love even desirable and how should Sophia be assessed politically?

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