Modern technology is affecting our lives

Serious Effects of technology:

Due to the invention of modern technology, a substantial change has occurred in daily life, and with these changes, life has become so much easier, zestful, energetic, and accelerated.

Nowadays, technology is playing a predestined role in our lives, and without it, life is pointless in this dynamic world.

Modern technology tools help to stimulate the development, exchange of information within few seconds, and make difficult tasks so much easier for mankind.

We can not deny the fact that our smartphones, laptops, and other modern machines are now part of our lives and without them, we can not even live.

Life could be unidentifiable without modern tech, and keeping in mind one thing with the invention of it, we do things that couldn't do it before in past decades.

 What Could be the Negative Effects?

 While there are a lot of benefits from tech-filled industry and on the other hand, also examine some negative ways that technology has brought for us.

There could be a remarkable stumbling block to take on modern technology from one standpoint, technology boosts and apprises our minds, but on the other side of the coin, we have become slaves of our modern gadgets because of excessive use.

It may cause sleep problems, less time for friends and family, and somehow immorality, etc.

A lot of negative results have come in teenagers and children due to the over-gleam use of modern tech.

Losing Sleep

Nowadays our smartphones, mobile or cell are merged into our lives.

We can perform any task without wasting too much time in this modern living.

We can phone calls, send texts, find a route on a map respond to emails and do a lot more activities which we can do easily, and it becomes so tough to stop by doing our activities and put our gadgets away from us and it may lead to delay in bed and in this way we can disrupt our sleep.

By the excessive use of laptop smartphones or tablets, screens may bump the ability to fall asleep.

Mostly the kids and teenagers always spend their precious time playing videos and watching cartoons on the computer or laptop, and all of these bad habits lead to poor sleeping habits.


According to the AOA(American Optometric Association), it has been observed that due to prolonged use of computers, cellphones, and tablets may lead to digital eye strain which causes asthenopia and some symptoms are given below:

  • Body pain Out of focus
  • Eyes problem
  • Migraine
  • Neck and shoulder issues:

When we use the prolonged smartphone in an unusual learning position may put a lot of stress on our shoulders and neck.

Common hearing problems?

Listening to loud music and playing games at high volume on our laptops, tablets, or cell phones can damage our ear curtain.

A study has shown that using earbuds can also damage our hearing.

Friends and Family

However, we may believe that due to advanced technology we are in constant contact with our loved ones; on the other hand, it may sometimes lead to a negative impact on our society.

Due to more relying on advanced technology gadgets and as a result, we have been disconnected physically from families and friends. We don't even manage time to meet our families face-to-face contact and it may lead to separation.

Explicit videos

One of the most dangerous negative impacts of advanced technology is explicating video and violence.

That kind of stuff is easily accessible on the web and that may become a big worry for parents; even if you have good fatherly controls.

Painful for thumb

Phone thumb is another serious issue with using an excessive cell phone. Continuous and uninterrupted use of phone while texting emailing may cause serious pain and tenacious condition.

Constantly plugged In

And another negative outcome of advanced technology is the aim that we are round the clock plugged in.

The bad thing is that when we wake up early and the first thing we do is approach our cell phone or any other electronic device.

We always check our devices while eating or doing something else. Every one of us use to check our mobile phones, even in the washroom or bedroom, and all these activities may lead to serious anxiety.

Can we live without technology?

Faithfully, life could have been even better without modern gadgets, but advanced technology has had a tremendous effect on humans and made our lives so much easier.

No doubt with the invention of modern technology the world has been changed, and good or bad effects are there to describe those titles, and we should all be aware of those effects.

Technology gadgets and their uses are everywhere across the globe and we need to clear our minds or concepts on how to use them sufficiently.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, technology is a blessing, but most of us are using it too much that may cause us to lose emotional cooperation and many good deeds.

Analyzing Important elements with and without technology

  • People used to walk or ride, on donkeys or mules and horses when the car wasn't invented.
  • People used to go behind bushes when the toilet wasn't.
  • People read more when the TV wasn't.
  • The ordinary telephone was used in the absence of the smartphone which has been invented now.
  • The letter was written in the past when the above subject wasn't invented.
  • Lamps and kerosene were used in the time of no electricity.
  • People always used to do live concerts when the music was unable to play at home.


  • Almost everyone used to live in the huts, and clay pottery was used for food when modern appliances weren't introduced.


We should try our best to the fair use of advanced technology. Modern devices are designed to strengthen our lives and we should make a habit to remove the cell phone from the bedroom and that small change in our behavior help us to develop our ability to sleep better.


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