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Network management gamers are increasingly believing in "machine learning". The gap between innovation and the required manual action is widening, which is fueling interest in the self-maintenance of networks thanks to machine learning.

Rise of the Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning belongs to the large artificial intelligence family. As the name suggests, machine learning systems learn automatically. They collect data and then interpret it. His essential point, however, lies in this interpretation: He learns to identify patterns, to draw lessons from them, and to apply them. More precisely, the system compares the collected data with already observed situations to anticipate possible outcomes and react accordingly.



The great advantage of machine learning is that it overcomes the lack of manual responses that require relentless innovation in network management. On the one hand, his learning reflex enables risk factors to be identified quickly. Machine learning unlocks a potential problem and, most importantly, enables it to be anticipated. For example, it is used to identify abuse related to cloud computing. On the other hand, machine learning helps diagnose the network by providing redundant patterns such as statistics or traffic models. Because of its intuitive nature, it, therefore, saves valuable time for network technicians. However, it is not yet a foolproof system. Its action can be slowed down relatively by incomplete data that it inevitably has to collect. It is this fact that requires standardization or the creation of an algorithm that can handle it.


The bright future of machine learning

Cisco System, an American company that specializes in network hardware and servers announced at its conference a whole series of software improvements to better implement machine learning (and therefore machine-learning) and artificial intelligence in network management. Inevitably, because of his activity, this announcement goes towards automation.


In any case, the potential of machine learning is well established. As part of the company's use of a multi-cloud strategy, certainly, the performance is there. In fact, nearly half (roughly 47%) of the companies that attended this Cisco Live conference admit they are using a multi-cloud strategy. But then the obligation remains to automate the service. Efficiency concerns commit. With this in mind, Cisco conducted a small survey among the participants. 53% say they already use automation for network configuration.


At the sectoral level, actors in the energy sector are most excited about the automation of network management. More than 75% testify that this system is "very important". Only about 30 percent say they are ready for full automation. In the health sector, the number, unfortunately, drops to 3%. 41% think the automation of network management is important. The number is encouraging, especially from a sector indirectly linked to IT.

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