CHINA's government is paying big bounces and offering housing subsidies to semiconductors in the field of chip-making experts and professionals after the rebranding 

According to reports, the incentives are a continuation of the Chinese government's Thousand Talents Plan, which was reportedly discontinued in 2018 after the US started looking into scientists who were participating in it. The new program, known as Qiming, hasn't received much publicity from China since neither its official websites nor the lists of recipients list it.

China has a manufacturing ecosystem that is well-established for mature chip types as well as related packaging and testing companies.

According to Gupta, "I believe China only fully appreciated the relevance of the [domestic] semiconductor industry around 2010." They have made significant investments in growing that sector over the past ten years, creating a favorable environment for fabless enterprises. However, the nation lags behind the front-runners in a number of other sectors of the semiconductor industry, most notably wafer manufacturing tools, cutting-edge chips, and electrical design automation.

In different countries working to build semiconductor production US and other Western countries implemented business subsidies and incentives but Gupta said he was unaware of any program that provides facilities for scientists and experts

Chips experts are highly in demand not only china in the worldwide it is a big talent gap

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