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The founder of Twitter Elon Musk X introduced audio/video calls in the “Everything app” foe Meta’s Threads.

Twitter X social media platform plans to launch an audio video calls “Everything App” to stay competitive with their competitors due to Meta plate form owned (Meta. o) threads said Elon Musk.

The phone users did not need the number for that feature This feature is available on Apple, ios, Android, Google, and all personal computers Musk said in Twitter X in a post

He did not give the timeline lunch this feature

Elon turned the platform into a supper app after rebranding and offering a range of super services from messaging to social networking and payments. the daily life in China vision is to bring Tencent’s  (0700. HK) WeChat app.

Musk who is still leading the development X appointed the new CEO in May to change the way news links show on the platform and reduce the publisher reach.


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