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Programmer Job Request

Dear leaders:

Hello! First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to review my application. On June 27, 2011, I was very happy to be a member of your company. I am also very happy to join the current group. More than two months have passed since the day of entry. With the help, I basically understood a lot of the work processes and was able to quickly start the work and complete the tasks arranged by the manager.

Currently, I am primarily responsible for server maintenance and website programming, normal website operation, and adding and modifying features. Regularly clean up junk files stored on the server and take regular backups of various websites and Tongda OA to improve network browsing speed and file security. Participate in the maintenance and administration of the site, design the layout of the site, adjust the density of keywords and advertising. Facilitate the increase of page views and engage the search engines. Sometimes I help record online courses, troubleshoot IT issues with coworkers, troubleshoot corporate network issues, and use corporate devices. Now I understand and learn ASP programming, operation of Tongda OA component functions, and secondary development to improve management and maintenance in the future.

I have learned a lot during my work. With my colleagues and superiors, every word they say can be a wake-up call in my life. Here I came into contact with a lot of things that I had never experienced before like ASP programming, how Tongda OA works, implementing JAVA workflows, and maintaining hardware devices. I enjoy this job very much, so I have always been strict with myself and make a serious effort every day to accomplish all the tasks assigned by the chef. As I complete the process, I do my best to improve it.

I am very grateful to the management for allowing me to learn and train in the company. After this period of hard work, personal experience and skills improved. I am also very grateful to managers for their advice in the work, which allows me to gain many rich experiences and correct many mistakes, and I thank my colleagues for their help and support in my work!

After all, I've been in the business for a while, and I think the leaders have some understanding of me as well. So I hope to work full time. I make this converter app available and ask the manager to approve it. I don't know if my behavior is correct. If something is wrong, please understand. When I first joined the company there is still a lot that I do not know and the experience is not particularly rich and there are inevitable gaps in the work. Therefore, in the future, I will signal to the leader in due time whether these are my skills or my character, dealing or thinking so that I can work hard to correct and improve them. I will use my excellent colleagues as an example to remember and strive to become a great employee of the company in the hope of showing myself on the big Longben stage and devoting myself to the company.

Software Department: ABC.XYZ

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