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Nowadays technology is developing at breakneck speed. For a while, it looked like the laptop was the end of the flagpole when it comes to home office space. Then came the variety of mobile technologies that we use today.


It is the same with the way we store and share information. In the past few years, the data was stored on the hard drives on the PCs; now the data is on cloud servers.


Cloud storage is a great new technology that offers many advantages. But there are also disadvantages, especially in connection with data security.


If you are concerned about whether your data is safe in the cloud, we have put together a few considerations for you.



When people talked about data storage so far, they meant the data that is stored directly on the hard drives of the PC. With cloud storage, this information is stored on a remote system. And there are usually even different servers that ultimately provide the data.

This means that your data is no longer stored on a specific hard drive in a specific computer, as it was before, but rather distributed on remote computers, not at your location, but in the data center of an IT service provider. This offers almost unlimited storage possibilities - both in terms of quantity and speed. As well as for easier access for you.



Above all, cloud storage offers scalability and easy access. And those are the two biggest problems of technology in general. Users are no longer limited to resources on their own computers. This allows easy use and quick expandability of the possibilities that you have with your own system.


Cloud storage provides easy access to information. The data that is stored there should be accessible from anywhere and at any time. The data from the cloud should be available from your home PC, smartphone, tablet, work PC, internet cafe, etc. No matter where you are and what you want to work with at the moment - access to the cloud should be possible.


However, there are security concerns that should be carefully considered. And even if the storage space is often cheaper than traditional storage space, the actual requirements - and thus the costs - can by no means be immediately transparent and vary.



Access restrictions and permissions have emerged as points to consider in the cloud. Again, one of the greatest advantages is also a major disadvantage: The data should be easy to access and easy to access from anywhere. But that is exactly what makes it a little difficult to ensure that no one can access your personal data. To counteract this, cloud providers often have very high expenditures on security systems. A simple firewall like the one in your office is not enough; the most modern technology on the market must be used at every point. Everything has to be done what is possible to avoid a possible break-in.


Another topic is the constant efforts of developers to ensure that their cloud product works perfectly with other cloud products, including those of competitors. With this programming, further compromises may have to be made.

Although there are security risks in cloud storage, basically all computers are vulnerable to a hacker attack or a virus. In the meantime, however, there are also special programs that pay attention to cloud storage and also detect malware here.


So while the cloud is a great new way to store and share information - with flexible and easy access from anywhere and with any device - this technology is not without its risks.


However, there are codes of conduct and software to help you make cloud storage more secure. So sure that it is used nowadays by small and large companies alike.


Talk to us, we have already brought many companies to the cloud and are happy to help clarify your personal concerns. Then you can decide.

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