Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most advanced and promising technology across different companies around the world AI is a most demanding skill nowadays

According to a recent report, companies are hiring more employee that has experienced AI's most demanding skill for their business to reconsider their digital strategy.

 Companies who are looking for AI skills most hope the use of this technology boosts efficiency and productivity.

Top job listing site Upwork publishes a report the job seekers accepting jobs as well as the search and hiring of the fast-growing skill-generative AI.49% hire independent talent.

In the Upwork job seeker profile generative AI-related skill

ChatGPT you only look once (yoyo) AI Chabot object detection stable Diffusion

Top generative-related jobs are chatGpt image processing natural language processing AI chatbot LLM tuning AIcontant generation including AI tools. and it is a most demanding skill.

We can see a number of jobs hired in 2023 that include AI skills The hire is a person who knows the AI tools AI developer who can work with chatGpt and ChatGpt writer and experts in the use of ChatGpt.

According to Upwork the generative AI-related searches this year

1. AI chatbot

2. Generative AI

3. Pytorch

4. Prompt engineering

5. Gradio

6. AI content generation

ChatGpt and AI are the first tools that spark public attention.

As a result companies and other platforms coming and looking for freelancers who know the skills of ChatGpt 

Many employees are getting training in AI tools in fear of job displacement different platform offers AI training like a LinkedIn learning program

There are different training courses that give the professional certificate to update their resume and be on top generative AI skills different companies offer AI courses like Microsoft Azure.


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