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The people who buy the X premium subscription services can choose an ID photo for verification and a selfie. The data may collect employment and educational history states X.

This recommended potential when you apply for the job you share this potential share the employer Twitter boldly collects the data of all the users including facial photographs Privacy should be drawn in the realm of social media

This is the most urgent issue Do X users actually compare how their biometric data will be collected and gathered saved and used clear communication with its user base must be prioritized by X if it wants to foster trust and transparency. To ensure that users feel in control of their data, it is critical to offer a simple way for them to refuse the gathering of biometric data.

It is thread that misuse of data x has promised to use biometric data to increase user experience and security and the unauthorized access and misuse cannot be discounted. To avoid any adverse events strict protection and supervision system is to be in place

The transformation of Twitter into X is a bold decision and the decision to collect biometric data is a turning point in discussion over digital privacy and convenience X has outlined its goal as a better user experience. X must uphold its steadfast dedication to openness, user consent, data protection, and legal compliance as it sets out on this revolutionary path. The road to collecting biometric data is rocky, but X has the chance to do it skillfully, preserving the confidence and trust of its users at all times.

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