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We focus on taking at the signals that we get from tools like the Windows Feedback Hub, the insider forums, and turn them into real products.  We're a team of 32 people, which includes developers, designers, and program managers. We work together and bring our unique ideas to the table to design the best feedback system we can. Let me tell you about how our team got started. At the beginning of Windows 10, we made a big bet that we wanted to build Windows alongside our fans. To do that, we realized we needed an app that would allow our customers to share their problems and suggestions with us. We also created a team that would help us organize the feedback and make sure the right teams in Windows understood the customer problems and suggestions that were coming in. It worked, your feedback started coming in, and we started listening.


The Feedback Hub app, behind the scene, connects to a couple of Azure services to fetch all the data that you see in the app, and also manage all those data. So what do we do with all this feedback? When a user submits a piece of feedback, they choose a category to submit it under. Different engineers at Microsoft own these categories, and they look through the different pieces of feedback. Sometimes we see duplicates, whether in the form of upvotes or very similar pieces of feedback. They group these feedback together to get a stronger signal using keyword searches or clustering algorithms. From there, these feedbacks get translated into work items for engineers. The engineers go through and look at the optional screenshots and diagnostics the user submitted and make the changes. You see these changes in releases or updates to Windows. From there, users may submit more feedback. We go through and iterate and make the best version of Windows.  The benefit of providing feedback to Microsoft is that the customers can influence the product as it is being designed and implemented. It's not just bugs that the customers are reporting. But they are actually a part of the feature design and where the product is going. Popular feedback gets heavily upvoted.


They actually show up in daily triage views for the teams, and teams can react to it. These provide valuable insights, and it helps Microsoft build a product that makes customers happy.  We're listening. The benefit of using the Feedback Hub is you get to tell a real Microsoft engineer about the problems or suggestions you might be having. We also use Windows and submit problems and suggestions using the Feedback Hub. We want you to have the best possible experience using Windows.  If you encounter a problem or have a feature idea while you're using Windows 10, use our keyboard shortcut, Windows key + F, to launch Feedback Hub. Enter a concise title, and see if others have already shared that idea with us. You can vote on their idea or give us new feedback. If you give us new feedback, please include a screenshot or recreate the problem so that our engineers can understand your ideas better. If we ask you a survey from the Feedback Hub, we'd appreciate it if you could respond to it.

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