Record growth in the use of Skype April 2020

The worldwide outbreak has been linked to the dangers of coronas, whereby all individuals cannot move out of their homes for no apparent reason.

However, the use of social media is increasing in the home because of the record. Recordings of Facebook, Instagram, and other apps are coming in.

Microsoft says the use of videochat and calling app Skype has also increased the record.

According to the company, 40 million people are now using Skype daily, and that number is up 70% over last month.

According to the company, SkypeTaskype Columns has grown by 220% while its number of users has increased by over 20 million in the last 6 months.

Microsoft Vice President Yousuf Mehdi said staying in touch with loved ones was not as urgent as it is now.

Yusuf Mahdi says that with the recently introduced Skype feature in Skype, people have access to video meetings on web browsers, which do not even require other people to sign up or download software.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has also increased the use of video chat apps like Zoom, WhatsApp and Apple's FaceTime.

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