Keep your PC more secure with Windows security updates

I'm sure you've seen notifications on your PC suggesting that you install Windows security updates to keep your PC up to date. I'm here to tell you why it is important to install them. First, what are Windows security updates? Security updates are meant to keep our computers safe from any security threats. Since no software is perfect, it sometimes has issues that bad guys look for an attack with malicious software called malware or viruses. These could make your compute stop working, make it send spam or worse, let people steal personal information such as your passport or credit card numbers. Windows security updates address these vulnerabilities to help prevent attacks. To keep you and your PC safe, your computer needs these updates. Fortunately, Microsoft automatically delivers and install security updates to your PC every second Tuesday of the month, and it is called "Patch Tuesday".


You don't have to do anything, but make sure the setting for Windows Update is turned on. To confirm, on your computer, go to Settings, click on Update & Security, then Windows Update, Advanced options and select the right options field. Another big question people have is, do I always have to install Windows security updates? The answer is, yes. Install the updates to protect your computer from attacks and viruses. Unfortunately, the innovation speed of malware and virus is extremely fast. So, new attacks and vulnerabilities keep coming up. But we keep creating fixes to safeguard your PCs every month. So, to make use of the latest security fixes, you have to install new updates every month. The good news is, that once you have the option set to download these updates, you don't have to do anything manually. Next question you might have is, do I have to install updates even if I'm already using antivirus software? It's a good question.


But yes. Install the updates, because they protect your PC from different types of attacks. Antivirus doesn't protect against software vulnerabilities, Windows security updates do. Also, antivirus is most effective if all the vulnerabilities are fixed. You might say, "I haven't installed updates before, but my computer has never been attacked. Should I install the monthly Windows security updates?" The answer is yes. Again, you need to install the updates because you might have a vulnerability that you did not notice. Sometimes, attackers use peoples' computers to secretly send spam or attack messages. It is best to keep the bad guys out. Computers running Windows operating systems, come with Windows update turned on by default.


But if you want to be sure, go to Settings and open Updates & Security option. While you're there, you can choose to set your PC to install updates at a certain time of day, so updates don't interrupt your work. Hope this video helps to answer security update questions you might have. The current version of Windows 10 provides the most up to date security technology. To keep your computer as secure as possible, always install the windows security updates. Thank you for 

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