How To Remove Saved Cards(Credit Card & Debit Card) Details From MyJio App(Cancel Jioautopay)

So today i will show you how to remove credit card details from your my jio application. And also i show the steps to cancel the jio autopay feature. So let's goto our tutorial... First of all open your myjio application in your android mobile or ios device, But before going to do this process, first of all link your jio mobile number with this application. Because following steps need your jio account informations, so friends remind this one message. So once you linked your jio mobile number now in this home page section you can press this horizontal 3 lines icon and it is placed at almost top of left side corner, and one slidding window is opening, so here you can goto "Jiopay" and the 6th option. And it shows some payment modes, but you can select "Saved cards" and the final one.


So friends here you can see it shows my one credit card informations but unfortunately there is no special option is available to remove this details.But this is only possible once you cancel the future jio plan subscriptions so how to do it?. Just go back to one step, Now this time you can goto "Jio autopay" and the first one. So in top it shows the same credit card details, and in followed by it shows my mobile number and plan name but in this section you can simply press "Cancel" option, and it is highlighted as blue colour link. And then it ask for confirmation so you can select "Confirm". And then it shows your request for jio autopay deregistration has been taken successfully. So once you done this process you can wait for a confirmation message from jio team. Because once this subscription canceled you get the remove option for your saved credit card section. So after the few seconds i get the confirmation message from jio team. So finally my subscription is successfully canceled, now you can close your myjio application. So after the few seconds once again open your myjio application, in your android mobile or ios device. And then press this same horizontal 3 lines icon, and choose "Jio pay".


So same way this time you can select "Saved cards" and the final one. So finally i get the credit card remove option so just press on it. And then my credit card is successfully removed, from myjio application. So this is the way you can easily remove your saved credit card details from myjio application.

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