How To Remove Linked Account From Your My Jio App & Delete Multiple Connections

Today I will show you how to remove linked accounts from your my jio application. So the JIO is the one of the largest service provider in India, they provide fastest 4G LTE technology, as well as unlimited free calling service for prime and non prime users. And some users are using one or more Jio SIM cards in their various devices like that android mobile and JioFi hotspot device, so they are manage their account details by linked with their one or more Jio numbers via my Jio application, but some time if your Jio SIM card is blocked or you give the jio sim card to another person the linked accounts are visible in your my Jio application. So how to delete that unwanted account details from your my Jio application?. So let's go to our tutorial. First of all I try to open my Jio application via my android mobile, but before going to the process, first of all enable your Jio data connection or you can use JioFi network.


Because this my Jio application only works on their Jio network, so I try to open my Jio application, then it shows updating... Now in this home page section and it is located at the almost top of left side. Then it shows lots of options, so here you can go to "Settings" and the final one. can go to "Manage accounts" and it is located at the bottom of your profile. Here you can see it shows my two jio linked accounts, and the first one is my android mobile you can press that horizontal lines icon,  Jio sim card details and the another one is my JioFi device account details. So here I try to Now in this settings section, you  delete my JioFi device details and the second one, so how to do it?.


Just press that "Remove" option, then it ask for a confirmation, so you can select "Yes". Finally here you can see my JioFi Jio sim card account is successfully removed. So this is the way you can easily delete your Jio linked account details

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