How To Delete All Conversation(Messages) On Facebook Messenger Permanently-Remove Chat History-2020

In this video I will show you how to delete entire conversations on Facebook Messenger?. First I will show you how to delete the specific message in the conversation. I try to open my facebook messenger conversations, so here I try to select one of my facebook friend conversations. Here I try to select "lonut Popa", so here I try to delete the message labeled as "thanks frd", So you can long press or hold that message and in bottom it shows some menu options and the first one is "Copy" and the second one is "Forward" and the third one is "Delete". Now I try to select "Delete" then it ask for confirmation, so you can click to "Delete". Finally this message is deleted successfully, but if you want to delete the entire conversations we will start again at the beginning, so unfortunately this method takes more time to delete all the messages. So how to minimize it?. Just open your Facebook account in your Google Chrome web browser.


Finally my account is opened successfully and in this section almost right top it has the search bar and in this section you can type "Delete facebook messages" then hit to enter. Now it shows some extensions about Facebook, so here you can click to open third one "Delete All Messages For Facebook", then it shows one pop-up window and then select "ADD TO CHROME" option, so you can select it. that extension is successfully installed. So next you can go to login your Facebook account. After the login process is completed, now you can click that extension icon, and one new tap is opening. It shows my all Facebook conversations, then one more time you can press that extension icon, finally it shows "Delete All Messages" or "Choose & Delete", so here you can select first option "Delete All Messages", so you can select it. Now it starts to processing... Finally here you can see all the messages have been deleted and in left side also shows no messages found. This is the way you can easily delete your all Facebook conversations by using your Google Chrome web browser.

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