How To Create A Group In Gmail & Send Group Email To Your Contacts-2020

Today I'm going to show you how to create a group in your Gmail but this method only works in pc mode at same time mobile user's don't worry about it, because this trick only works if you install the "Contacts" application from Google Play Store. Now a days this world rotating very fast which means that people's are inventing new thing at same time they reduced the time consumption in every process, so due to this reason lot's of Gmail user's are searching, how to make a group Gmail using your pc?. So if you like to do this method, just follow me friends... So let's get started.


First of all open your Gmail official website, now in this section you can press that dot box icon and it is placed at almost top of right side corner and then one drop-down menu is opening, but you can go to "Contact" section, so just click to access it. So here it shows my some gmail Id names, but before going to create the groups, first of all name your group. So how to do it?. By simply press "Create label" section and then type your group name. Once your group name is entered, finally click to save this changes and then you can see my new group is successfully created. Now you can go to your contact section, so if you like to add this contact to that particular group, just press that vertical 3 dot icon and then select that group name and then I try to view my group.


 Finally here you can see so one of my friends gmail id is successfully added to that particular group, so same way you can do this processes by one by one. So if your adding process is completed, now you can close this contacts app and then go back to your Gmail section. Now I try to send the one email to this particular group by simply press that "Plus icon" and then select "Compose" and in right side one pop-up window is opening, so here you can type your message. But if you send this email to all people's in recipient section you can type that group name and then it shows my group name, so simply select it. Finally here you can see all of my gmail id is successfully added in this recipients section and then send this email to your loved one group.

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