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The Internet has become a basic utility that we rely on to accomplish everyday tasks, shaping the way we work, learn, and play. Yet even after many years of its introduction, our users continue to share their daily challenges and obstacles hindering them from experiencing the best of the web. We believe it is time to expect more from the web experience without making any compromise.


Today, we're excited to present the new Microsoft Edge. It'll help you browse the web reliably, securely, and productively while protecting and respecting your privacy. Your feedback is the main ingredient that helps us build a great browser and we're committed to listen and bring the best web experience to you. If you've used one of Microsoft's browsers over the last 25 years, you'll notice a few changes. We've redesigned the browser from the ground up to get you where you're going faster, keep your data safer, and help you be more productive with tools like Collections, Office integration, and extensions. Whether you've been using the legacy version of Microsoft Edge or another web browser, you'll find the interface familiar and easy to use. Getting started is simple, and you can import your data from your current web browser. The new Microsoft Edge comes included with Windows 10.


You can use it on any platform, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac, Android, and iOS. The new Microsoft Edge is now built on an open source foundation called Chromium, which is the same technology that powers Chrome, Opera, and other popular browsers. We made this change after spending time seeking out feedback from users, web developers, and lots of other customers. We heard consistent themes around needing a browser that's always up-to-date without installing a new operating system, making your favorite sites work every time, and working across all your devices. Adopting Chromium lets us do all those things and more while still offering a great, trustworthy experience from Microsoft. We've already made thousands of small contributions in areas like better accessibility that will improve the experience in any Chromium browser. >> Browsing with the new Microsoft Edge is unlike any other browser. We know being productive while browsing is extremely important to our users. I also feel safer while browsing the web in Microsoft Edge and that's because my privacy is protected with Tracking prevention.


Microsoft Edge comes with Tracking prevention built in and turned on by default to help protect user's privacy from web trackers. With the new Collections feature, you can collect and organize different parts of the web like research articles, or products from online shopping. Collections helps you save content and jump right back into your browsing. We know users love adding extensions to expand the functionality of the browser. The new Microsoft Edge allows you to install extensions from other stores, so the extensions you love can be added right into Microsoft Edge. We heard from customers that having a crash free and fast browsing experience is extremely important. So we are working hard to build a browser with great fundamentals. We're listening to customer feedback and iterating to make your browsing experience productive, reliable, modern, and most importantly, safe. With the new Microsoft Edge, we're working to make it the most secure and productive web browser that respects your privacy, that delivers solid fundamentals. Even with this goal, we're always searching for new ways to make Microsoft Edge even better. Together with your feedback, we can continue to improve this experience. Tell us what you love about it, or the features you'd like to see. From the menu, just go to "Send feedback" or press Alt + Shift + I.

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