Fix Tiktok Network Problem-No Network Connection (No Internet Connection)

Today i get the following one error notification while i try to access my tiktok application and it shows "No internet connection- connect to the internet and try again" but here i using the Internet via my Wi-Fi network at same time this error is also occurring while using the mobile data connection. So anyway I show the steps for wifi and mobile data network user's. So first of all if you're a wifi user, just connect your Wi-Fi network and then long press on that wifi icon. So here you can press this gear icon followed by your wifi network, and it shows some technical informations. But in this section you can change this "Mac address type" so just press it.

And it shows two options but you can select "Phone mac" and the second one. Now my connection is disconnected and after the few seconds it automatically connected to the same wifi network. So same way you can click to open this gear icon now this time you can goto "Advanced" settings, and then check if your mobile has this following settings which means that ip setting as "DHCP" proxy as "none" and the final one is metered network as "Detect automatically". So once you set these settings just click to save these changes. And then click to access your tiktok application and this method surely works. So next method is if you're a mobile data user just open your settings menu. And then goto "Connections" tab so here you can goto "Mobile networks" and then choose your network mode to LTE or lower mode. So once you change it just click to open "Access point names" so here you can choose your mobile data sim card here i try to select "Jio" and then press this vertical 3 dot icon and press "Reset to default" option. So you can select "Reset" So once you done this process just go back to settings main menu. Now this time you can locate "Apps" category, and then click to open it. Here it shows my all installed applications but you can locate that "Tiktok" application and then click to open it.

So here you can goto "Storage" section and finally click to clear that app data's by simply press this "Clear data" option and then click to "Ok". So once you done this process just close the entire settings window. And don't forget to restart your android mobile after the restarting is completed now one more time i try to access my tiktok application because i try to check it if this method is works or not. So finally here you can see it doesn't show any error messages, and the previously occurred error is also gone. So this is the way you can easily fix your tiktok network problem

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