Fix Connection To Server Timed Out-Unable To Connect Error In Apex Legends


So how to fix this error message in your apex legends? but unfortunately it shows the one error notification and the message is "Connection to server timed out" and "Unable to connect", Today I try to login my apex legends game via my Windows 10 Pc,


Here I show the 2 methods to fix this problem, so let's get started... First of all you can close this apex legends and the first method is just open your window services by press your Windows key and then search "services" and then click to open it. So here it shows my all windows 10 services but in this section you can locate the service called "windows audio endpoint builder", so I try to locate it. Finally I locate it and then right-click on that service, now you can click to stop this service and then it ask for a confirmation, so you can select "Yes" and then it starts to processing... Once this service is stopped now you can wait for a few minutes. After the few minutes once again I try to start this same service, by right-click on it and then select "Start" and then close all the windows and don't forget to restart your Windows Pc. Once the restarting is completed, now you can enjoy with your apex legends and this is method one. So next method is just reset your network adapter because my guessing is this problem is mainly occurring due to the network connection, so how to do that process?. By simply press your network icon and then right click on it, so here you can go to "Open network & Internet settings" and the second one and then it shows some settings menu, but you can go to "Network and sharing center", so now it shows my wifi adapter name. So here you can select "Change adapter settings" and it is located at the left side, but unfortunately it shows lot's of network adapter names, so here you can locate your currently used adapter and then right click on it. Finally you can click to disable this adapter settings, so once your adapter is disabled now you can wait for few minutes. After the few minutes once again I try to enable this same adapter. And this network adapter works very smoothly and then close all the windows and once again I try to open my apex legends game and then complete your login processes. Finally here you can see my apex legend login works without any error messages. So this is the way you can easily fix your apex legends login problem

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