Facebook Introducing a new app for video calls

Facebook has introduced Messenger's desktop app, which aims to facilitate unlimited free group video calls.

Computers and desktops that work on Windows and Apple's Mac operating system can be installed on the app that will connect to the mobile app.
In March, Facebook reported that the number of users using audio and video calls in its messaging service on desktop browsers increased by 100 percent.
This new desktop app will make it easier to make audio and video calls with friends and relatives, since you won't have to bother finding tabs in the browser.
Various companies like Zoom and Slack are also working to improve the video chat service.
Zoom has promised users that it is reviewing security reviews, while Slick made the Microsoft Teams video call option part of its service.
Facebook Messenger is working with governments around the world to curb rumors about the Corona virus.
An information hub has been introduced to facilitate chat bots for this purpose.
This information hub also aims to prevent the spread of false information online.
The messenger statement said that the center would provide users with resources to help them connect with their friends, family, office colleagues, students, teachers and others during home quarantine.

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