A comprehensive approach on professional social media

When spies land on professional social media

Professional social networks, such as LinkedIn or Video, are considered serious and formal platforms. With a stricter framework and a professional environment, these networks appear to be endowed with a maximum of security. However, we learned of a spy wave targeting thousands of users.

How do these spies act?

In these types of social networks, users are always looking for professional opportunities. This is how spies attract them. Through a fake profile, the spy will appear as an important entity seeking collaboration. Therefore, you will offer attractive offers with, for example, a more than generous remuneration. To do this, the spy comes into contact with executives, public sector agents, employees of economically strategic companies and senior officials. Recipients are the people who are most likely to give them the information they need.


To collect information, spies trust what you enter on these social networks. Most users who think they are on a secure platform are happy to express themselves. In this case, they can expose the activities of your company, the tools used, and the patents in progress, in short, everything that can be used for fraudulent purposes. These spies may also offer users to respond to an information exchange or download request that could conceal a hacking technique.


An espionage tinged with political overtones

It is identified that the Chinese intelligence services have approached more than four thousand people on these social networks. It was a large-scale espionage operation aimed at collecting as much confidential information as possible at the state level. In fact, the attractive profiles were run by Chinese officials. Its objective is to approach members of political organizations to get an idea of ​​what the government is doing. On LinkedIn, the problem is taken seriously. This year, for example, the network has deployed all its means to identify these spies in order to put an end to their actions. No less than forty fake profiles have been removed. Among the latter, those who tried to contact members of state institutions.


Precautions to take in professional social networks

Although we believe that we are on a platform for exchange between professionals, we must not forget the public dimension of these social networks. That is why it is necessary to observe some moderation in the way you express yourself and show your skills.


So, you must always remain attentive to the proposals that you may receive. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the identity of the correspondent every time. One sign that spies may be unmasked is the questionable nature of their offer. We may be tempted by a proposal that suits our profile. Only, once you show her interest, will the spy be able to ask you for confidential information. So think twice before accepting the connection with an unknown person.

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