6 ways to instantly increase your social media traffic

6 ways to instantly increase your social media traffic


Creating traffic on social media is much like a city planner who knows how to get traffic efficiently inside and outside the city. If every road to a city is a different source of website visitors, your social media traffic should certainly be a mainstay of your road infrastructure.


Getting people to your site through social media can be tricky, especially if you're on a tight budget and are already trying to pay for advertising. While paid social media can certainly help drive traffic to your website, how do you get people to access your social channels?


As we all know, social media has the ability to be an important source of traffic to your website. The greater the presence you create on social media, the more you can trust the constant traffic from social media to your website.


How does social media traffic increase?

The increase in social media traffic occurs when you get involved and build relationships on each network. Being available to customers, loyal to brands and potential buyers helps to nurture these people through the buying process.


Each social network is different, but to get an immediate boost in your social traffic, there are some firm rules to be followed across all of your social channels. Remember  content says everything about brand,  make sure  blog posts, case studies or infographics are above and beyond to make social media sharing bigger.


To make your social media traffic work, follow these six steps to attract people to your social channels and, finally, to your website:


1. Inspire your audience with images

First impressions are essential. We always say "Don't judge a book by its cover", but most of the time, images help us make decisions. In fact, Adobe's fourth quarter 2013 Index showed that social media posts with images create 650% more engagement than text posts.


People want visual content to make sure their purchase decisions are valid. When customers can see a video or product demo, they are 85% more likely to make a purchase decision right there, compared to reading a proofreading.


Master Instagram

On social media, you should use images to drive traffic to your website. One of the best paths for images is still Instagram. With more than 80 million photos and videos shared every day, there is a lot of competition.


But when you can create compelling and compelling content on Instagram, companies realize the difference.  Highest level of engagement (4.21%) on Instagram compared to other social networks.


Almost three-quarters of Instagram comments are made within two days of publication, proving their major impact on the brand's Instagram strategies.


Provide incredible images that not only stand out, but that express a lot about you, your product and your story. The best images on social media tend to include:


Vibrant colors and well-designed designs.

High-level photography

Images that tell stories

Images showing products or services in a new light

Consistently punctual and well planned

2. Make your content easily shareable

All experts or marketing companies should know the importance of being mobile-friendly. ComScore data showed that in 2013, 65% of the time spent on social media was through a mobile device. Almost 40% of the news content was read on a mobile device compared to a desktop computer.

Living in a mobile age means that your content should be easy to read, but most importantly, simple to share. Share buttons on mobile devices are critical to generating traffic on social networks. Neil Patel explained by explaining that the harder it is for your audience to share your content, the less likely they are to do so.

Use social media buttons and plug-ins

Get readers to share your content using social media plug-ins. There are several plugins that can help you spread your content on social media much more easily. One way is to click to tweet, allowing readers to highlight parts of your content to share on social media without leaving the page.

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