5 easy SEO solutions that can increase your ranking quickly

5 SEO solutions that you can increase your ranking quickly


You created a website, but no one visits it.


It happens to the best of us.


Just building a website is not enough. You must include it in the list of search engines and attract organic search traffic.



What I'm going to show you today are some easy SEO solutions that can increase your search ranking on Google.


They will also work on other search engines, but focusing on Google is the way to win.


Let's start.


1. Migrate to WordPress and install Yoast

WordPress is not the only web hosting platform.


However, it is better for SEO purposes and much of this is due to free plugins like Yoast.


Yoast  WordPress SEO plug-ins available free and premium version (one-time fee of $ 89).

The free version of Yoast is fantastic.


You have almost everything you need to start your SEO efforts.


I'll look at some of the main features in a moment, but the premium version also solves some of the main problems that I will discuss later in this post.


2. Find and redirect dead links

Google Webmaster Tools is an essential set of tools for analyzing and optimizing your site.


You can quickly find out what your site looks like for Google by searching for it in Webmaster Tools.


This is also a step you should take after correcting any errors found during this initial scan.


After correcting the errors, click on the "Request indexing" button, but first we need to ensure that there are no errors on the site.


3. Get backlinks on relevant sites

I wrote extensively on how to get backlinks.


You can also find great backlink tools on my blog.


This time, however, I will focus mainly on visitor blogs.


4. Focus on the cell phone first

It is no longer news that Google and other search engines are focusing first on the mobile world.


The Internet of Things, portable devices and cell phones are making the Internet on the move the new way of doing things.


Mobile devices began to overtake the desktop in late 2016 as the preferred way to access the Internet.


Today, you can't perform well on Google's search rankings unless your site is optimized for mobile devices.


On a desktop, you have plenty of space for flashy videos, animations and photos.


Mobile sites don't have much space; therefore, things need to be organized differently.


5. Add related suggestions

Getting initial traffic is great, but returning visitors actually increase your search rank.


I have a great video on how to get more visitors to return to your site.


Remarketing is a big part of that.

However, there is no reason to remarket to customers who have already found their way through the conversion funnel.


That's where related suggestions come into play.

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